Zoila delivers her boss the mail. She also tells Genevieve that she needs to get out and spend some of Philippe’s money. As Genevieve goes through her mail, she’s excited to get a letter from Remi. As she reads it to herself, she’s stunned by something, but decides to not tell Zoila. She gets up and tells her that maybe she will spend some of Philippe’s money. Genevieve ends up going to a bad part of Beverly Hills where she stops by a rundown motel. There, she visits none other than Valentina Diaz. It turns out that in the letter Remi sent his mother revealed that he and Valentina fought and broke up. The latter ended up returning home, and Remi wanted to make sure she was alright.

Genevieve Gorder

Read more about them and their story in the article. But let us start from the very beginning. Who is D’banj and what is he famous for? D’banj first fell in love with music after his later brother taught him how to play harmonica. He used that skill a lot during the school years to attract girls — and he was extremely successful among the girls of his age and even older.

Nollywood critic and movie producer, Charles Novia who is known for always having a say in controversial issues has shared his opinion about Genevieve Nnaji‘s new endorsement deal with Etisalat and how it might affect her romantic relationship with D’banj, Glo ambassador.

Both have since separated. The marriage crashed some years back due to irreconcilable differences and alleged domestic abuse. Her former hubby was a wife beater, alleged some sources. Click to continue reading. Not a few family members were surprised to know that the marriage did not last because they were like two inseparable lovebirds when they were dating.

Though life threw a big storm at her, she found solace in the love and care from her immediate siblings who were not only always around her but promptly responds to her needs. Modinat in her late 30s quickly picked her life up and became industrious. She traded in some fast consuming goods which she was selling in wholesale to retailers. He found in her a good and amiable friend and as fate would have it, she found herself in his arms. Sometimes in March, she got pregnant and filled with joy, she announced to her lover-boy, who close sources said was not ecstatic about it.

She was devastated, flustered but once again, her family rose and stood firmly behind her. In the last few months, Modinat has been under intense pressure to keep her mouth sealed and advised to avoid the media.

Is d banj dating genevieve nnaji latest

My encounter with Loretta Ewere …how she died a month to her wedding I had woken up that morning feeling so indifferent, it has been an interesting but emotional year for me;so many things that had better been left unsaid had transpired. Met Loretta, now deceased that fateful morning at her place of work. We had obviously shared the same thought.

We got talking almost immediately. She sought my idea on the ideal fabrics and colour to use and I gave my opinion. Loretta did something very significant for me that day but I choose to keep that to myself.

Rumours having been circulating that controversial actress-turned-singer Tonto Dike is dating the Kokomaster D’banj after being spotted hanging around his residence at odd hours.

His most recent public appearance and pictures released by his office, intended to stem increasing speculation, show him to be in startling physical decline. The details of his condition have however remained a closely guarded secret. Discussion of the issue and the ‘hereafter’ is being systematically forced underground by a clampdown that has seen the cancellation of at least one scheduled public discussion and the prosecution of a Lusaka resident, Mr Michael Achiume, for “publishing false news with intent to cause fear and alarm.

He too was alleged to have told a public meeting on June 7 that President Sata was ill and the country was headed for an election. There were reports at around the same time of people being dragged to police stations by governing party activists as sensitivity grew and a campaign to quash the ‘rumours’ got underway. But the disquiet only grew. Public interest increased after a Ministry of Information statement of June 22 said the president had arrived in Tel-Aviv, Israel on a working holiday at the invitation of its president Shimon Peres.

Sata was scheduled to meet Mr.

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These women are women many guys will kill for… some literally. Ini Edo Once upon a long, long time ago, before many of the blogs were out, there was a running rumor in the Nigerian celebrity circle that Dbanj and Ini Edo had a thing going on. Of course it was never really confirmed by either party, but what we knew then is that they hung out quite a bit, and were seen together often. Word is Dbanj even did a song inspired by her… albeit not the most positive of message tho.

By all standards it was a match made in Nigerian celebrity heaven. The hottest music star at the time, and the hottest available Nollywood actress.

Ahead of the upcoming release of the new movie featuring Yvonne Nelson and titled “Single, Married, Complicated”, the Ghanaian actress revealed why she is still single. More.. PHOTOS: Girl Trying To Sleep With Her Best Friend’s Fiancé Caught Fully Nak£d In Hotel Room (LOOK) PHOTOS: HOT Nigerian Girl Wears A See Through Dress Exposing Much [ ].

The protest disrupted the conduct of the second semester examination which was then put on hold. Traffic was virtually brought to a standstill as a result of the protest. Commuters on the busy international highway were stranded as they resorted to trekking to their various destinations. Two police vehicles loaded with armed policemen were stationed close to the gate of the university along expressway. There was however, no confrontation as the students were peaceful in their protest.

This was contained in a document titled: Government directs that the new tuition fees shall not be applied retroactively as current students are exempted from the increase. The Lagos State government, having reached this conclusion on school fees increment using the premise of the Visitation Panel recommendations, the question remains:

Is d’banj still dating genevieve gorder

But one cannot certainly testify whether the respected actress has also enjoyed a flouring relationship with the opposite s-ex or not. Read Also — Wap. Last year, it was rumoured that she lost her only chance of getting married because her secret lover had called off their wedding which was billed to hold in Milan,Italy.

Is dbanj still dating genevieve. I’d say for every authentic girl who only acts and she gives a. Praesent risus surname award-winning Text Confinement to change Online Genius. The MBA duckling took me rinner of my husband zone and gave me please a huge approach in .

We take no liability whatsoever on those comments. Our one and only Mr. Entertainer aka many things, but best known as D-Banj was very recently on Monday, June 11, at the passport office on the Island, that’s the one near Obalende by Alagbon Close and on arrival you would have thought it was either a very top Government Official or most probably the top boss at the Immigrations that had just arrived.

Most people know that anywhere, the G. Entourage, made up of security details, personal staff and a few friends or should we say hangers-on. Like we were saying before, our star arrived at the immigrations office on Monday, his mission we couldn’t immediately ascertain most probably to pick up a new International passport or to start the process prior to getting one and he came like a superstar that he is, in a convoy of 4 cars, he was in his Black, 2-door Aston Martin Vantage car followed by 3 other cars.

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Last updated Or is it actually no different from Tinder and OkCupid? I immediately signed up. But I also wanted to make sure I used a good photo. I settled on a selfie of me in the kitchen, holding a glass of wine. I had been cooking and feeling glamorous in a vintage black slip, and my hair happened to look effortlessly bouncy.

dating a guy for three months Who is d’banj dating currently full 1 Sep DBanj net worth is currently at among the highest in Nigerian music industry. hit songs, and no international recognition as a result of the deal till date.

My family was planning to go boogie boarding on a trip in Michigan. My dad spotted two boys struggling in the distance—he swam out to save them. The boys returned, but my dad was drowned by the riptide. My life changed completely. I had no idea what my future held. I was lucky to have younger siblings, Amelie and Asher. They amazed me with their poise and maturity. At the same time, I was heartbroken for them.

I felt responsible for making sure they knew that my dad would be proud of them. We managed to stay strong as a family. My mom kept our family cohesive. Socially, I felt a void. Our community is small and everyone knew about my dad.

FACTORY78: D’Banj is he Back With Genevieve? And (Bother you the movie) interview