The Natal Charts of the man and the woman are drawn and comparatively tested for compatibility in eight different ways. Each test has a score. While the maximum points that can be achieved under each test are different, the full 8-fold test can yield a maximum score of 36 points which judges how compatible you two are by seeing the zodiac signs and horoscopes. A score of 16 is deemed to be the minimum for a reasonable match. Marriages are not recommended for a result below Another very important aspect of Marriage Compatibility is Manglik Match Mars Consideration , which is very important for success of married life and well being of both male and female partner. After matching horoscope a couple can spent their married life happily with prosperity. If horoscope is not matching properly than they can be unhappy, divorce may be happen, child may not born or there could be difficulties in life etc Marriage matching or match making is a solemn decision taken on behalf of the boy and a girl before they tie the knot to hold and to behold each other for the rest of their lives. The Hindus ensure that the compatibility of this solemn lifelong binding enables the couple to live ‘happily ever after’.

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People who by no means go to an astrologer in their whole life also once in a life time go to an astrologer for Kundali matching. Even in love marriages which are approved by parents, men and women get the Kundali matching done. The 8 criteria for Ashta Koot or Guna matching are as follows 1.

If Nadi Kuta is unfavourable then a match with 28 Gunas is also considered inauspicious.2/2/ Horoscope Matching | Kundali Matching | Kundali Milan Union is NOT Recommended *due to low match points and Bhakuta Dosha Clear In Ashta-Kuta system of match making.

It is believed to bring luck and is used specially in spiritual and tantrik rituals. One side of the Gomati Chakra is elevated like a shell while the other side is flat with circular design like whirl which looks like a snake. This is the reason why it is also know as “Naag-Chakra” i. According to Vedic Astrology, it is beneficial in cases of people who have ‘Naag dosh’ or ‘Sarpa Dosha’ in their horoscope. Many leading politician’s popularity is solely attributed to the Gomati Chakra and it has also earned them victory by large margins during elections.

Gomti Chakra removes Vastu Dosh:

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It is a knot tied with the heavenly blessings of god and our parents. It is the most important decision of your life that comes with new responsibilities. To confirm the happiness in new life, most of the families consult an astrologer to match the horoscope of prospective bride and groom. Horoscope Matching is one of the most common and essential element of Indian society.

Importance Of Kundali Milan And Horoscope Matching: The importance of Janam kundali or birth chart matching lies in the fact that, it lets you know about the probable compatibility of both the.

If you look carefully at the table above, you will find that 15 points are awarded for Nadi and Bhakoot. But do these 2 points constitute so much importance that they render the match as unacceptable? Nadi Dosha is checked for progeny possibilities, which in fact, depends more on placement of Jupiter and Venus in the respective charts than Nadi Milan. Getting 0 in this factor does not necessarily mean that you will not have a child. Certain Vedic remedies also prove effective in pacifying this dosa like donating beauty products to married women.

Another key factor assessed in Guna Milan is Bhakoot Dosha. Moon signs of the prospective bride and groom are assessed for making any inauspicious combinations like , or

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Match making kundli for marriage Real love match making tool — online kundli matching calculator — horoscope matching using name — marriage compatibility Com recognize the significance of. No, this is a basic method as it uses only birth star and birth sign. Prior to marriage, the janam kundali of the bride and groom are tested for compatibility. Decorative plates and tea-set were taken out and samosas, kachodis, jalebis and dhokla were served.

The kundali making for matching is an old age method in which the placement of planets in both horoscope is taken into consideration to assigns points for factors that influence marriage. More the points, more chances of success of the marriage.

In this process for compatibility check boy and girl horoscope matching is done by astrologer. In this process astrologer collect the points which is based on Nakshatras. Out of 36 the minimum required points are If the score of gun milan is more than 18 the match considered good. Fact about Gun Milan kundli Match The problem is not matchmaking but the problem is such matchmakers who search on the internet about gun milan and they will find so many websites having software to calculate the gun milan by date of birth.

This is not play or kind of entertainment. But most of the people just get the score of gun milan above 18 and they just close their eyes. There are a lot of people in this world who have gun milan score below 18 points and still they are happy with their married life. This is not necessary that the score of gun milan should be above But there are a lot of people in this world who have gun milan score above 18 to 20 and even 22 but still they have problems in their married life.

The maximum score is good but not sure that the match is still compatible. This is good but some astrologers will say no. These contradictory things decrease your interest from astrology. In fact if you have gun milan score 36 out of 36 this is not guarantee of your happy married life.

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Now, at least you can get an idea of your compatibility by the score card of horoscope matching, as it is difficult for a common man to understand the detailed analyzed horoscope matching report. We are offering you this ultimate service of Horoscope Matching for Free. It is also known as Guna Milan. Process of horoscope matching finds out the possible incompatible factors between a couple, so that they can work in a particular direction to make their relation stronger.

It is the glory of Horoscope Matching Kundli Milan that the divorce rate in India has always been minimal. However, it is increasing with modernization, especially in the cases of love marriages.

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Marathi Kundali Software with Panchang Predictions Astro-Vision AstroLight Marathi Kundli software includes Panchang predictions based on the weekday, predictions based on the birth star, predictions based on the tithi, i. Predictions in our Marathi Kundli software cover the following: Analysis of the first house, for predictions on personality, physical structure, status.

Analysis of the fourth house, for predictions on property, education, etc. Analysis of the seventh house,predictions on marriage and married life Analysis of the ninth house, for predictions on fortune, prosperity, inheritance, etc. Predictions for apahara bhukti are also given for twenty five years.

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Show Kundli What is the purpose of Kundli making? In India, when a baby is born, family astrologer makes a quick kundli which is called Tewa or Teepna. In case any doshas are found in birth chart like Moola dosha during kundli making process, remedies are performed.

Sep 10,  · We are experienced kundali matching astrologer in india you can get here kundali matching results by name only for it just send me you and your partner name nothing much required for checking wether your marriage will get success or not.

Kundali match making for compatibility of couples Know your equations before marriage It is said that marriages are made in heaven. Marriage is that event of life which changes many things and is a relationship that demands lots of efforts and adjustments to be made. But these efforts can be reduced many fold if the age old procedure of horoscope matching is followed.

This is popularly seen as Kundali matching for marriage. In this the Kundali matching of the bride and the groom is done to get to know how compatible they are with one another. The basic idea behind this kind of match making is to study the moon signs at the time of birth of the bride and bridegroom. India has always been a land of the superstitious and orthodox believes. One such very prevalent belief is matchmaking. This process is seen as a compulsory one before the finalizing the marriage of the girl and the boy.

This process is usually initiated by the elders of the family where in based upon the date and time of birth of both the bride and the bride groom calculations are made. This is in general sense an estimation of how successful the marriage is going to be? These calculations forecast the compatibility between the couple, their after marriage life and other issues that may creep up after their marriage.

At times, the horoscope match makers and astrologers also suggest some remedial measures such as wearing any birth stones or performing any puja or yagna to lessen or counter the effect that may be caused due to any kundali dosh that may be present in either of the person’s kundali. To lead a happy married life apart from love there has to be some kind of Gun Milan.

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