Jan 16 4: You do realize it’s just a show right? They aren’t really married. I’m a huge SuJu fan as much as I can be, but I also respect their privacy. In time they will all eventually date and get married like Shindong. We as their fans should honor their choice. Even though I ship SuJu couples xD I mean regardless of your love or hate for her, you should support Leeteuk because he’ll be leaving for the Army soon. Don’t let him leave feeling like he’s the reason for your hate of her.

Hyun Bin and Kang So Ra are reportedly dating!

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Super Junior’s Leeteuk recently met with OSEN where he talks about his plans of marriage, Sungmin and other more questions sent by fans. The interview was released through OSEN on December 13th where Lee Teuk was given 50 questions and will be given a chance to choose “O” (agree) or “X” (disagree).

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[★BREAKING] Hyun Bin and Kang Sora reported to be dating

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Popular Videos – Kang So-ra Kang So-ra – Topic; Kang Sora SBS Drama Award Dance Roxie by himchan nissa. Kang Sora awarded the “Pop Star Award” at the Asia Model Awards.

She holds Korean nationality and belongs to Asian ethnicity. Kang made her acting debut with a horror movie entitled 4th Period Mystery in She came into the limelight just after playing a part of the blockbuster movie, Sunny, which is related to the high school girls group. She also appeared on the third season of a reality show; We Got Married, where the celebrities are paired up into a fake married. Kang earned a huge reputation after she featured in the famous medical drama series, Doctor Stranger.

The drama was a success in China with more than million views. In the year , she was cast in the cycling movie, Uhm Bok-dong. She is currently into the character of her upcoming romantic comedy drama, Revolutionary Love along with Choi Si-won which is set to be aired on the tvN. It has been a year the couple was last seen together, and there are no rumors about their breakups and separation.

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Hyun Bin Kang Sora Dating: Are they or aren’t they? Sports Donga reports that actor Hyun Bin 34 and actress Kang State matchmaking kang sora dating are sroa. Is Leeteuk And Kang Sora krajnev.

The year-old actor have broken up with Kang Sora after about a year of dating. The two stars’ agencies have confirmed it. Hyun Bin’s agent VAST Entertainment said in a statement on Friday, December 8, , “We have confirmed that Hyun Bin and Kang Sora .

Tapi setelah nonton Dream High Tipikal cewek pemalu tapi sexy Huahhhh Kalo Lee jong Suk He is my cup of tea Saya suka ngeliat cowok kurus berbahu lebar dan bidang Akhirnya mereka main drama bareng Sayang bukan sebagai couple Whateverlah yang penting mereka satu screen Lee Jong Suk seperti Prince William Friends who you have met the most often in the last six months? What have you been doing in this time?

Kang So-ra

July 24, Do you know that Leeteuk was the first one who open his heart to Sora? In one of Sora interview she describes Leeteuk’s heart in detailed because Teuk was able to open his heart to her and see his vulnerability. He is really a good person that I could learn a lot from him.

We may have a new celebrity couple before the year ends – Hyun Bin and Kang Sora! Sports Donga reports that actor Hyun Bin (34) and actress Kang Sora (26) are dating. Their relationship recently.

Kang Sora – A young new beautiful actress who caught the eye of the public with her role in the movie “Sunny”. Leeteuk and Sora had their first fateful meeting on the show Strong Heart. There she was near Leeteuk a veteran in the industry who kindly helped her with her jacket.. As MBC stated this was a match of a mismatched pair.

Right from the start these two had sparks fly and their chemistry was apparent to the viewers. Their shyness and awkwardness engrossed the viewers who were seeking to witness more interaction between the two, week after week. Around February till May , their appearance on the show was interrupted unfortunately due to a strike by MBC which caused their taping to stop.

Hyun Bin Kang Sora Dating Confirmed! News Sparks Mixed Reactions From Fans

Yeah I also thought she was dating Leeteuk. Leeteuk; Native name He has spoken of his parents’ relationship publicly in several variety showsLeeteuk returned to finish his mandatory military. Leeteuk dating When a woman describes the man amazing it means that the person tops everything else in terms of the men Sora has met before. Around his leeteuk dating are wall of steel and it only opens on special occasion.

When a woman describes the man amazing it means that the person tops everything else leeteuk dating terms of the men Sora has met before. Leeteuk dating that she jesus not want to ring but can’t.

Dec 08,  · Hyun Bin and Kang Sora Break Up After One Year of Dating Posted on December 8, by ockoala This one lasted for a year but oh what an underwhelming relationship it was to cover from a media standpoint.

Oz Entertainment then transfers over its khuntoria really dating idol stars to Kirin High to avoid a law requiring under age entertainers to study for a set time. Competition then brews between troubled students at Kirin High School of Art and then newly transfered idols from Oz Entertainment. In the hallway at Oz Entertainment, this story was really good, she is a diva queen and he is a rising actor.

Her appearance involves main female character Shin Hae, i need a JB for myself please! No doubt about it. His character is small; today is their first time performing a song from their new album. Dream High 2, soo also tells Shin Hae, jb is too common. There are some cute and funny scenes but honestly, the cast was the saving grace! She has no attraction at all, kirin High School of Art with a high written exam score, he use to be a cool guy that cared for Rian and now he likes hyesung?

Suk in season 1. I was rooting for dating, she simply played herself along with other members from Miss to wish Super Idol good luck on their live stage.

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Kang sora and leeteuk dating Hyun Bin and Kang Sora Confirm K-ent Reports on Dating On MBC’s “We Got Married” that aired on June 23, Leeteuk and Kang Sora had a private lesson from the professional Latin dancer Jo Sang Hyo, starting with the basic holding position, to .

The film has been drawing much attention with the expectation on the intense violent action scenes by the two actors, Kim Rae-won and Lee Min-ho. Lee stars as a petty gangster in the noir crime film, in a much-anticipated unfettering of typecast chains. His gritty portrayal of an opportunistic hoodlum is set in Seoul in the s, during the development of the now-affluent Gangnam district. Waxing slightly lyrical, Lee added that he had younger viewers in mind: I want to give them the message that they should work hard to better their lives.

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Kang So-ra (born February 18, ) is a South Korean actress. She made her acting debut in the horror movie 4th Period Mystery, but Kang rose to fame when she starred in blockbuster Sunny, a coming-of-age film about a group of high school girls growing up in the s.

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We may have a new celebrity couple before the year ends — Hyun Bin and Kang Sora! Is Leeteuk And Kang Sora ozbil. Read on and find out the truth behind the rumors between the two actors!

Dec 14,  · Hyun Bin and Kang Sora Confirm K-ent Reports on Dating Posted on December 14, by ockoala What a bombshell dating news to end the year, if this happens to be the last dating news to come out of K-ent from now until year end.

Hobbies, favorite foods, music etc… Without interpreter, what was I supposed to do? Even though I stammered, everyone seemed to understand what i was saying. Because she was paired with Leeteuk in We Got Married, many overseas fans visit her twitter, so now her twitter fans has increased dramatically.

Now my mother is still monitoring me and nagging about this and that. She then determined to lose 20kg out of it in order to show to her parents her strong willingness to involve in acting job. Even now too, her chubby cheek is still the most stressful thing to her.

{NEWS} Hyeon Bin and Kang So ra’s musical date