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You need Flash Player version 9. Silk, valued for its texture, was a major import of the Mediterranean region, and the Chinese intensely guarded their silk-making technique. However, silk was not the only commodity transported over the route—gems, metals, horses, apricots, raisins, and manufactured goods were also traded.

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They were able to contend on equal terms with Parthia, and at times even gained the upper hand over these western neighbors. Their history has, however, until recently received minimal attention from Classical historians. It was only with the advance of modern research during the 19th century in India and Afghanistan, and later in Central Asia, that the true importance of the Kushans began to be recognized. Soon afterwards, as progress was made in the recovery and interpretation of lapidary inscriptions in India, it was found that many of these made mention of the same rulers named on the coins.

Many of these inscriptions mentioned the Kushan rulers who were also attested on the coins, notably Kanishka, Huvishka, and Vasudeva. Although several of these inscriptions were dated, uncertainty concerning the origin points of their eras, of which there were certainly more than one, gave rise to much controversy among historians on the absolute chronologies to which they related.

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Gaya District Gaya derives its name from the mythological demon Gayasur which literally means Gaya the holy demon , demon asur, a Sanskrit word and Gaya. Over its history dating millennia, the word asur got deleted and the name Gaya remained in currency. Lord Vishnu killed Gayasur, the holy demon by using the pressure of his foot over him. This incident transformed Gayasur into the series of rocky hills that make up the landscape of the Gaya city.

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Plaster copy and reconstruction of original Sunga railing. Adoration of the wheel of the Law plaster copy. Flower Design decorated with gold leaves. The Mahabodhi Temple in CE. Recent images of the plaque [3] [4] The Mahabodhi Temple: Decline[ edit ] Buddhism declined when the dynasties patronizing it declined, following Huna invasions and the early Arab Islamic invasions such as that of Muhammad bin Qasim. A strong revival occurred under the Pala Empire in the northeast of the subcontinent where the temple is situated.

Mahayana Buddhism flourished under the Palas between the 8th and the 12th century. However, after the defeat of the Palas by the Hindu Sena dynasty , Buddhism’s position again began to erode and became nearly extinct in India. During this period, the Mahabodhi Temple fell into disrepair and was largely abandoned. In the 13th century, Burmese Buddhists built a temple with the same name and modelled on the original Mahabodhi Temple.

However, the mighty king of serpents, Mucalinda , came from beneath the earth and protected with his hood the one who is the source of all protection. When the great storm had cleared, the serpent king assumed his human form, bowed before the Buddha, and returned in joy to his palace.