Bellows Papers on Wheatstone Concertinas These studies on the very earliest Wheatstone concertinas indicate that the evolution of the basic design of his key ‘English’ system model had been completed by around to , when it was finally fully described and patented in Wheatstone’s specification. The layout of buttons, the arrangement of reeds and reed pans, levers and pallets, and the method of construction of the ends, action boards, pans and bellows henceforth changed little over the next century. The Wheatstone factory production ledgers record instruments with solid gold buttons and fittings being produced to special order at seventy guineas, and in , the only known ivory-ended instrument was produced, again to special order. The survey below lists the many changes to Wheatstone’s initial design and indicates how the combined influences of both fashion and genuine technological improvement led to the many changes in the original design of the concertina. Changes in the Reeds One of the last ‘early’ design features to be finally superseded in the development of the basic English concertina was the use of square-ended reed beds, which ceased to be used from instrument no , sold in February These early, hand filed reed beds resembled those of the first Demian style of akkordion and were each individually fitted into hand routed slots in the reed pans. By the late s, a measure of mass production was already being introduced at Wheatstones under the management and direction of the Swiss master machinist Louis Lachenal, whose mass-production methods eventually reached a great degree of sophistication in his own factory from the late s.

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It features premium reed plates otherwise used only in the Meisterklasse model , a specially inscribed MS wooden comb and black laser printed covers. The Steven Tyler Signature Series harp is delivered in a attractive high-quality case. Sold as Key of A. Special new reed profiles for fast response and high volume even at an extremely low pitch. Patented triple laminated and layered bamboo comb construction. Conical lower cover design by noted harmonica-customizer Joe Filisco prevents reed rattle.

There are around instruments in the collection, dating back to mid s. There are instruments from France, Germany, Switzerland Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, USA, China and Japan. These include examples of concertinas, button accordions (chromatic and diatonic) chemnitzers, bandoneons, flutinas, harmoniflutes as well as piano accordions.

Joined by a supporting band of musicians and sigers: The Foundry Bar Band B4 – Foundry Bar Band sprcd – Few bands, professional or otherwise, can so well convey the essential lilt of Scottish music with such enjoyment and enthusiasm. This, their first album, was issued in and it has been a top selling album ever since. Ten musicians led by Jim Reid. Rare, interesting and beautiful music from 18th century Scotland – music that would have been an important part of social life in Edinburgh at the time.

Savourna Stevenson B6 – Tickled Pink sprcd – Savourna Stevenson has long been regarded as one of the leading exponents of the Scottish small harp or clarsach. Bill Black B7 – The Dawning sprcd – Scottish dance music played with a rich style and a solid enthusiasm that has ensured the popularity of Bill and the band at ceilidhs and dances for over 30 years. Based in Perthshire, this is Bill’s fourth album on Springthyme. Lead Vocals, Guitar, Whistle, Dulcimer.

Katherine Campbell B9 – Scots Songs and Ballads sprcd – Ballads and songs from the unique family repertoire of sisters Amelia and Jane Harris who inherited a wealth of ballads and songs from a Perthshire family tradition dating back to the mid s. The Michael Philip Ceilidh Band are: John was also a member of the innovative Edinburgh based band Easy Club and he now tours regularly as a member of the Tannahill Weavers.

Digital Downloads Many Springthyme releases are available as digital downloads. We still have some Vinyl LP.

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Gassner, as president of the committee of bandmasters, in presenting it to General Lysons, said: The address was follows: At a general meeting of the bandmasters of the division, held on the 8th April, , it was unanimously carried that a letter should be forwarded to Major General D. The bandmasters further desire to thank him for the impartial kindness, consideration, and support, they at all times received from him while carrying out his wishes, and they would consider themselves fortunate, under similar circumstances, should they have energetic a gentleman at their head – Signed, Mr.

Dating back to prehistory over 3, years ago with the Celts in pre-Christian Ireland, the game is associated with warriors like Cú Chulainn and Fionn mac Cumhail, for the Hurley stick used in the game was an ancient warrior weapon; indeed, it is said that the young Cú Chulainn, born Sétanta, gained his warrior name after slaying a guard.

It is, nevertheless, a center for morris dancing in England. Written records indicate morris dancing has been popular in the town since the late 18th century, and tradition says dancers have performed there on Whit Monday as far back as the 16th century. As with many English traditions—and morris dancing is English, not British; the Scots never took it up—no one knows when or why morris dancing began.

Some claim it to be an ancient druid fertility rite, but these are the same folk who claim any English custom or relic from the distant past to be druidic in origin. Morris dancers from different towns wear distinctive costumes and dance to slightly different steps, but some aspects of the dance and dancers are similar. Traditionally, only men are morris dancers. But, as with other sacred traditions, this custom is breaking down.

There are scattered about England a few female sides, and a handful of mixed teams. Circlets of bells go around the legs, just below the knee. Hats of silk or beaver complete the costume. Most dances are performed by a group of six to 10, but there also are dances done by one or two participants only. Hundreds of spectators crowd Bampton then to enjoy the morris dancing spectacle.

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Codices largely replaced scrolls similar to this. The codex provides considerable advantages over other book formats: Compactness Sturdiness Economic use of materials by using both sides recto and verso Ease of reference a codex accommodates random access , as opposed to a scroll, which uses sequential access. In fact, any combination of codices and scrolls with papyrus and parchment is technically feasible and common in the historical record. In Egypt , by the fifth century, the codex outnumbered the scroll by ten to one based on surviving examples.

By the sixth century, the scroll had almost vanished as a medium for literature. The scholarly study of these manuscripts from the point of view of the bookbinding craft is called codicology. The study of ancient documents in general is called paleography. The Romans used precursors made of reusable wax-covered tablets of wood for taking notes and other informal writings.

Two ancient polyptychs , a pentatych and octotych, excavated at Herculaneum used a unique connecting system that presages later sewing on of thongs or cords. He wrote a series of five couplets meant to accompany gifts of literature that Romans exchanged during the festival of Saturnalia. Three of these books are specifically described by Martial as being in the form of a codex; the poet praises the compendiousness of the form as opposed to the scroll , as well the convenience with which such a book can be read on a journey.

In another poem by Martial, the poet advertises a new edition of his works, specifically noting that it is printed as a codex, taking less space than a scroll and more comfortable to hold in one hand.

Appendix 1: Wheatstone and Lachenal Dates of Manufacture

On the day I started reading this vast page history of The Railways, I happened to be on a railway journey, wearing an anorak because it was raining. As I sat on the station, waiting for my connection, it suddenly struck me that my combination of reading and rainwear must make me look like the ultimate nerd. These days, we are inclined to think that the heyday of railways is long past, and that for years they have been in a state of decline.

To some extent, Simon Bradley goes along with this The author, Simon Bradley, was once a trainspotter, standing on the platform at Clapham Junction from the age of 11 with pad and pencil. He was still at it aged 16, though by then he had become conscious of the opprobrium attached to the pursuit, and was trying to wean himself off it. For some reason, the air of the loser still hangs over those who take an interest in railways.

The concertina was invented by Charles Wheatstone, and the earliest examples, which he called the symphonium, were made in The general idea of the free reed instrument had been around for some time however, and in its earliest form, the Chinese Sheng, for thousands of years.

Contact European Musical Instruments The collection of European musical instruments is comprised of pieces dating between the 16th and the 20th century. Focal points are Baroque and 19th century instruments, as well as instruments made in central Germany between the 17th and 20th century. A portion of the collection has been catalogued in detail. Catalogued examples of keyboard instruments include approximately 20 organ instruments organs and positive organs , 30 harmoniums, 40 clavichords and 70 harpsichords, spinets, and virginals.

The collection also includes approximately pianos, square pianos, and grand pianos, as well as claviorgans. Numerous rarities contribute to the collection’s significance. Examples include three 16th century clavichords and six instruments of Bartolomeo Cristofori from Florence, inventor of the fortepiano action. Besides numerous objects from Italy, Austria and Southern Germany, the collection includes a considerable share of keyboard instruments from Saxony, a large portion of which are from Leipzig.

Additional mentionable pieces are approximately mostly 20th century melodeons accordions, bandoneons, concertinas, English concertinas , the majority of which were made in the Vogtland region. The collection of plucked string instruments includes approximately guitars and lutes dating from the 16th to the 20th century. The extensive collection of lutes and archlutes includes rarities from Italy and Southern Germany, as well as instruments made by Baroque luthiers such as J.

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Accordions and concertinas are also aerophones. They produce sound by forcing air through bellows and using keys to make notes. Bagpipes are a reed instrument that rely on an air reservoir that allows an uninterrupted flow of air to pass across the reed for sound.

Have the Desmond and Vorderman had their day? Universities are planning to get rid of degree classifications including the 2: But the big employers are against the idea. Nick Jackson reports Thursday 24 November The days of the dreaded “Desmond” are numbered and the time is coming when students will no longer be reduced to tears for fear of the “Vorderman”.

Last Friday marked the end of the consultation period for plans to scrap degree classifications and replace them with a simpler distinction, pass, and fail system that would see those bogeymen of the ambitious undergraduate, the 2: Under the reforms, proposed by a steering group set up by Universities UK and the Standing Conference of Principals and chaired by Professor Robert Burgess, vice chancellor of Leicester University, simpler classifications are to be balanced with a transcript detailing students’ achievements over the course of their degree.

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Maud was born in London England and was known for her song collecting work with Cecil Sharp, her career as a folk-dance teacher and performer. Around she created a folk-dance club and when Sharp gave lectures on folk dance, it was her folk-dance club that demonstrated them. These are the earliest known examples of English folk dance on film at this link https: On these expeditions in isolated communities often reached only by mule Sharp recorded the tunes, while Karpeles recorded the words.

The crew spent a total of 46 weeks in the mountains and notated songs from different singers and collecting about songs, with over variants with most of the material coming from the area bordering Tennessee and North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky.

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Tilly’s Seance How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery Church-Peveril is a house so beset and frequented by spectres, both visible and audible, that none of the family which it shelters under its acre and a half of green copper roofs takes psychical phenomena with any seriousness. For to the Peverils the appearance of a ghost is a matter of hardly greater significance than is the appearance of the post to those who live in more ordinary houses. It arrives, that is to say, practically every day, it knocks or makes other noises , it is observed coming up the drive or in other places.

I myself, when staying there, have seen the present Mrs. Peveril, who is rather short-sighted, peer into the dusk, while we were taking our coffee on the terrace after dinner, and say to her daughter: I hope she won’t frighten Flo. Whistle for Flo, dear. Blanche Peveril gave a cursory whistle, and crunched the sugar left unmelted at the bottom of her coffee-cup between her very white teeth. I believe there was something she wanted to confess about two hundred years ago, but she has forgotten what it is.

Appendix 1: Wheatstone and Lachenal Dates of Manufacture

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About the Concertina Library. by Robert Gaskins. Documents for the study of English, Anglo, and Duet concertinas: history, instruction books, sheet music, patents, technical papers, rare periodicals, and new research by many leading scholars.

Ball of the century? Mitchell Starc to James Vince Credit: Edward Eyre was luckier than most in finding what is occasionally a lake, but for the most part their efforts are summed up by the names they left behind on the map, such as Lake Disappointment. Many English cricketers too have gone round Australia fruitlesslly.

Hammond scored runs, and Cook still needs a single to get halfway there. You won’t find many players in world cricket who can keep this out

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Hell’s Ditch was released in , was produced by Joe Strummer of the Clash, whose punk/politicized rock was long an influence on The Pogues.

This blog is dedicated to the sublime instruments called nose flutes and which produce the most divine sound ever. We have chosen to discard all the native models from S. Pacific and Asia, for they need fingering to be played. We’ll concentrate on “buccal cavity driven” nose flutes: Oct 26, Much more about the Swan! One month ago, Mr. Christian Steinbrecher, a mandolin expert, providentially sent us a copy of the “Swan nose flute” patent, and it finally became possible to date precisely and to locate the original Swan fabrication.

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